Heidi Morgan
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"Heidi Morgan is a extremely professional and informative realtor. I was deployed during the sell of my house and she was accommodating in every way possible. I would recommend her to anyone."

Jennifer Burrell (Seller)


Heidi Morgan!, she is the best. you are the best, thank you so much for helping us, the family and i still mention you in our conversations, we all knew, we are in good hands when we first met you, your warmed smile, politeness, gentle gestures are one in a million, one of the kind. very encouraging, we appreciate you, and your help Mrs. Morgan."

Emmanuel Solomon 1722 Marston st (Buyer)


"Heidi is a great realtor. She is knowledgable of the area and the market. She's friendly and keeps you in the loop about what's going on. She doesnt try to push things on you like buying or settling on a house or a price. She's the best. I reccommend her to anyone!!!"

Lindy lopeman colorado (Seller)


"Heidi always made time for us no matter what. She was always very courteous and knowledgeable and if we had any questions she was quick with responses. I really appreciated the fact that even a month after we moved into our new home I received a call from Heidi asking how me and my family were doing."

Stephanie, Junction City, KS (Buyer)


"Best in the business if your looking for quality, customer service, very close relationship along with genuine work ethics. We have already recommended Heidi Morgan to one family member and several friends. We would not of been able to reach our goals in the selling of the house without Heidi Morgans professionalism and detailed experience of the community along with the the market. Heidi Morgan is the best realtor we ever had the opportunity to engage with on a personal and professional level.

We felt very special working with her. As you know, her people or social skills are outstanding and that alone is the primary factor of who Heidi Morgan is..

As previously mentioned; she is remarkable!"

Pete and Cathy Sandoval, Manhattan, Kansas (Seller)


"Heidi Morgan is an amazing realtor. She helped us make the right decision based on whats good for us. She gives out great advices and is very professional throughout the whole process of buying a home, especially if you are a first time buyer. She made us feel very comfortable and confident on the decision we made. She took into consideration on what we wanted in a house and concerns we had. We are so thankful for her hard work she has provided us. Thanks to her we our enjoying every moment in our new home with our newborn."

Anthony and Minemoua Junction City (Buyer)


"The negotiation went smoothly. I couldn't have asked for an easier process. We previously listed out our house with another Broker and it was on the market for 8 months. Granted, the sales were slower when we listed it, but we didn't get one solid offer. We waited a while before listing again. We interviewed several other realtors before we made our choice. Heidi came in and gave us some pointers on what we should do to help improve our house. We made the small recommendations that she said to and we were impressed on how it changed the look of the room. We had our house listed for 2 days and it sold. I couldn't have asked for a better realtor. She always kept us in the look with everything, she was honest, trustworthy, and always easy to deal with."

Charity Cole, Junction City, KS (Seller)


"Heidi was always availiable when we needed her and went above and beyond to make sure we were well took care of."

Josh and Shayna Williams Junction City KS (Buyer)


"We selected Heidi Morgan based on past wonderful experience in purchasing our first home in Kansas just over 6 years.

Heidi Morgan was very knowledgeable in the area and current market when we made the decision to purchase a new home. She showed us several we asked to see and some she wanted us to see and she said to us before looking at our current new home "I think you really need to look at this home it has everything you want" and it's only because of her recommendation that we agreed to see it. The listing didn't do it justice nor the paint colors.

It was because Heidi Morgan was really understanding of what we were looking for that we looked at this house and subsequently wrote an offer and jumped into prepping ours for a fast sale."

Julie Cooley, Junction City Kansas (Buyer)


"Heidi Morgan sold us our first home in Milford just over 6 years ago, over the years she proved we weren't just buyers and done. She made the effort to stay in touch with us over the years and is a truly genuine warm and caring person. There was no one else that we would have considered to list our home with or to help us purchase our next home. Heidi Morgan you are a wonderful person!

Heidi came into our home suggested a few tips for a fast sale to include decluttering, painting, staging. She explained to us her marketing strategy and her pricing for our home to be appealing to buyers and bring them in strong as soon as it hit the market. And boy did it work. We had an offer before our open house.

We followed Heidi Morgan from Century 21 One to Keller Williams Realty Home Town Profesionals because of who she is as a person as we'd not heard of Keller/Williams.

We do recommend Heidi Morgan when we know someone is looking to list or purchase, it's because of who she is as a person. Thank you Heidi for everything!! =)"

Julie Cooley, Junction City Kansas (Seller)


"Heidi was always available, understanding and extremely helpful; with everything that involved the home buying experience."

Wayne (Buyer)


"My experience with Heidi was great. She was in the best interest of her customers. She reduced her commission enough for me to help pay for a home warranty. I had never came across a realtor that was willing to do that for a client. I was truly grateful for that. Overall I had a awesome experience working with Heidi and would highly recommend to anyone trying to sell their home in the area. I would work with her again if I needed to!"

Joshua Muckey, Hawaii (Seller)


"Heidi Morgan was very professional and took the time to make sure we found the perfect home for our family. She was with us every step of the way ensuring we had a positive experience on purchasing our first home. I would recommend Heidi Morgan to any first time home buyers."

Michael Nelson, Junction City (Buyer)


"Heidi has been excellent. She helped us buy the house, and sold it for us 5yrs later. Can't complain about her attitude and knowledge. Extremely helpful as a professional and a friend. Will use her again if i need to."

Vincent Adjetey, Corpus Christi (Seller)


"Heidi Morgan was well recommended by people within the community who had worked with her before. Upon meeting Heidi, we knew from her positive attitude and up-beat spirit that she was the agent who would best represent us with the sale of our home.

Heidi gave us sound advice throughout the process. Her knowledge of the market, combined with her extensive real estate expertise, kept us at ease, even with the housing market as troublesome as it currently is.

She was always positive and never had any doubts that our home would sell at or very near asking price- and it did! We would highly recommend her to family and friends, and would definitely work with her again. Outstanding experience!"

J and A, Junction City (Seller)